Effective Ways to Exercise Without The Gym

exerciseIf you aren’t a fan of the gym, it’s okay because there are other effective ways to get fit that don’t involve purchasing a gym membership.  


In the morning before I get ready for work, I like to do some cardio at home so that I’ll have energy throughout my day.  I do workouts that jump from one exercise to another, so that I keep my heart rate up and add variety to spice up my routine.  You can do a form of circuit training: one minute of jumping jacks, one minute of high kicks, one minute of mountain climbers, and one minute of running in place.  Then rest and repeat two to three times.  You can add in whatever exercises you like, such as lunges, pushups, and situps. These exercises are very effective in producing sweat and providing sustained energy throughout the day.  I also find that by doing them I am calmer and less prone to anxiety throughout the day.


Walking can be very effective in getting you in shape and releasing stress.  It’s even better when you do it outside, because you’re in fresh air and some say that walking in greenery provides a sort of meditative feel.  It can be fun to sign up for a walking tour of your city.  Who knows, you may discover some fun spots that you never knew existed and meet a new group of people.  You can also sign up for a walking tour of a historic area near your city, which can be educational and get you into shape.

Obstacle Course Races

You can sign up for these races and get a sense of adventure and fun.  You may be crawling through mud, jumping over objects and climbing fences.  There are many physical and mental challenges to keep you engaged. The act of signing up alone makes you accountable for showing up and you will be more likely to do so.  You can go with friends or meet new people.  There are obstacle course races that are centered around promoting good causes, such as Autism Awareness.  Sign up today and it can be a win-win!

There are many different ways to exercise that don’t involve going to a gym.   Whether you go to the gym or not, these tips are an effective way to spice up your workout.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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