Forgiving Can Lead To Better Health

forgivenessWe have all had experiences in our lives that have been less than peachy.  Many of us have experienced wrongful treatment by others that we may hold on to, rendering us stuck and angry at the person who hurt us. Forgiveness may the answer to letting these negative feelings go and it can be good for our health and prevent anxiety, depression and stress related illnesses.

Forgiveness is an interesting term.  Many of us don’t know what to do with it.  Your initial thought may be “how can I forgive someone who did such an awful thing?”  Well forgiveness may have less to do with the actions of others and more to do with the gift it gives us that allows us to move on with our lives.  Here are some ways to start to forgive:


Think about what it would be like to have a negative and hurtful event gone from your life.  You may feel happier, freer and no longer play the victim. Then visualize the offender in front of you and tell them that you forgive them. Simply visualizing can give you the push you need to make your intentions a reality.  And consider the health benefits forgiveness provides, it may be linked to lowering  high blood pressure and other physical ailments.

Apologize to Others

Thinking about times when you have wronged someone else can put into perspective that we are all human and make mistakes.  Apologize to those you have hurt.  Even instances where someone has done something especially horrific, forgiving them can give you peace, so you’re actually giving yourself a gift.

Be Patient With Yourself

Everyone forgives at their own pace, so be patient with yourself and congratulate yourself for being on the courageous path to free you from old stressors, anxiety and anger.  The more you practice forgiveness, the more it becomes a part of you.  You may begin to notice that your thoughts and feelings begin to change and the way you interact with the world shifts into a more positive light.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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