Get Through A Breakup And Love Being Single

Breakups can be the worst, especially if we believe that the end of the relationship was our fault, or that we are missing out on a great partner. But life goes on and you will, too. Check out the following mistakes to avoid when going through a breakup and why being single may not be so bad after all.


Mistakes To Avoid:

1. You Try To Go It Alone

It’s important to have support through a breakup. So tell your family, best friends and even close co-workers what you’re going through. This can make a tremendous difference and help you to feel so much better. Don’t go overboard and tell everyone who listens your problems, instead try to confide in those who will tell you when you’re obsessing or being destructive.

2. You Blame Your Ex For Everything

While it feels good to blame our exes for why the relationship failed, it may benefit us to discover what we can learn from our own actions. Maybe you ignored some red flags in your relationship and stayed with your partner even though he or she cheated on you three times and never made you a priority. Whatever the mistakes were that you made, it can beneficial for you to learn from your past experiences. 

3. You Demand Closure

According to Sussman, “A huge mistake women make is reaching out to an ex to try to get validation and closure.” This is because what your ex says may never be enough and won’t help you to feel better. What you really need to do is cut off all ties with them for a while. This means deleting their number from your phone and unfollowing them on any social media sites. If the urge comes on for you to cyber stalk them, do something that engages your mind fully, like volunteering or taking a yoga class.

Why Being Single Can Rock:

Have you been single for a while or are you just freshly broken up with the person you thought was the love of your life? If you are single, it can definitely have some perks in regards to your health and how you feel. Check out the following awesome reasons being single can rock.


1. You Can Go Anywhere You Want And Don’t Have To Check In

If you want to take that yoga class, then after go to a friend’s house and then come home and watch a Breaking Bad marathon, you can and don’t have to worry about giving your partner a status update or keeping them up with your late night television watching. Being single can actually help you reconnect with friends that you might have accidentally neglected when you were wrapped up in your relationship.  Getting to know friends again is never a bad thing. 


2. You Can Stretch Out In Your Bed

When you’re single, you can wear ugly pjs and stretch your body out fully in your bed. You don’t have to worry about sharing the blankets, hearing loud snoring or going to bed at a reasonable hour. This can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Having the freedom to conduct yourself how you choose is something you might even miss if you do find a new relationship. 

3. More Peace And Quiet

When you’re single you have more “me” time, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Dance around the kitchen, or play Guitar Hero at max volume: nobody will know but you.  The new sense of peace and quiet can help you to make clearer choices and be more present.

4. Sole Control Of Your Life

When you’re single you can call all the shots. There are no compromises or having to please someone else. You can go to India and study for the summer if you want or pack up all of your belongings and move across the country. You can also spend the majority of your time on yourself doing what you love, which can nurture your spirit and bring about joy.



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