How Texting Can Harm Your Spinal Health

While nothing can replace good old fashioned face to face contact, our society is becoming increasingly reliant on using our phones to connect with the outside world, even if we are literally standing outside, in the world, as we remain glued to our screens. All kidding aside, I have to admit that I am guilty of relying on communicating with friends and family mostly through text (when I can’t see them in person, of course).

Besides the damage this can create on your social life by losing interpersonal skills, too much frequent texting can actually harm your physical health as well. More specifically, texting can cause some serious damage to your neck, shoulders, and spinal column by forcing an unnatural position in a repeated manner for prolonged periods of time. Even if you don’t text all that much, checking your email, downloading apps, or playing games on your phone can all lead to the dreaded “tech neck” syndrome that’s becoming all too common as a source of back and neck pain that’s cropping up in chiropractic clinics across the country.

Still, I was shocked when I read a ChiroNexus post that revealed the typical young woman spends an average of ten hours a day (yes, ten!) engaged in some form or another on her phone. That’s almost half of an entire day! I certainly hope I’m not that consumed by technology, but either way, it goes to show that we are really starting to experience the negative health aspects that spending too much time on the phone can develop.

You may start experiencing symptoms such as headache, dizziness, or neck and shoulder pain immediately after a day of craning down your neck to text everyone you know. However, you may also start to develop chronic pain from this kind of behavior months or even years from now, which makes the need to take care of our neck and back health all the more crucial today, before the pain becomes too severe and limiting. It would be a good idea for sure to start visiting your local doctor of chiropractic on a regular basis, especially if you get a lot of work done through your phone. A chiropractor can work on correcting any misalignments that may have formed in your spinal column as a result of too much texting time, and as these misalignments are treated, you may notice a decrease in the amount of pain in your neck, shoulders, and back as well. 

Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Donna Cleveland

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