How the Chiropractor on the Border of Lakewood and Golden Can Treat Your Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder pain is a pretty common ailment that affects people regardless of their age or occupation. What we call “shoulder pain” is actually caused by issues such as swelling and inflammation within the soft tissues, muscles, and tendons within that area, as opposed to any issues with the bones. If shoulder pain is not properly treated and managed right away, it can worsen over time. Simple daily activities such as cooking, putting on a sweater, or even sleeping can become painful ordeals to have to experience.

This will lead to a condition known as “frozen shoulder”, in which the tendons and ligaments in your shoulder area become so stiff and immobilized that it negatively interferes with your every day life. You may feel the pain and discomfort on a constant basis, or it may only become noticeable when you move your shoulder too quickly or suddenly. 

What Is The Cause Of Frozen Shoulder? 

There are three general reasons why you would get shoulder pain that could lead to a frozen shoulder. The most seemingly obvious reason is due to an injury in the shoulder area. Dislocations in the joint can be caused by sudden impact traumas, and can make mobility within the affected area increasingly more difficult. Sometimes, arthritis is the culprit of shoulder pain, and since arthritis is such a common ailment, it’s certainly nothing to feel embarrassed about should it occur to you. Finally, sometimes all it takes to wear out the soft tissues in your shoulder are just wear and tear from the natural aging process.

How Can The Chiropractor On The Border Of Lakewood And Golden Treat Frozen Shoulder?

Since mobility issues within the joints and tendons of the shoulder area cause frozen shoulders, chiropractic is a great, all-natural treatment method for the pain causedby this affliction. While it’s important to remember that typical successful treatment of shoulder pain can take anywhere from one to three years, this shouldn’t stop you from seeking chiropractic care, since sooner is better. When you see a doctor of chiropractic at any one of The Joint locations, he or she will examine you for subluxations, which are misalignments in the spinal column.

These misalignments are often the main cause of neck and shoulder stiffness, pain, and immobility, since subluxations create interference within the nervous system and cause inflammation to develop within the joints of the area. A chiropractor will gently coax your spinal cord back into its natural alignment by using specifically applied pressure onto certain joints on your neck and back. A correctly positioned spinal cord can allow the body to heal itself without any outside intervention.

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