How To Avoid Overworking Your Back

When you realize just how easy it is to overwork the muscles that are in the back and surround the spinal column, it comes as less of a shock to find out that back pain is one of the top causes of visits to the doctor’s office each and every year over the past decade. Your back muscles can become strained in a variety of different ways, from heavy lifting to poor posture to a lack of good ergonomics in the workplace and at home.

The good news to be had here is that, since there is now more attention being focused on back health than ever before, there are more ways we now know about that can help prevent back pain by preventing overworking or straining the muscles in the back. As I learned from a very informative article post by How Stuff Works, here is why overworking the back is so dangerous, and how to avoid this issue from ever occurring at all in your life.

Many people end up overworking their back muscles as the result of one specific incident, although general wear and tear over a prolonged period of time can also contribute to this issue. As for specific incidents that often lead to back pain, lifting and carrying heavy objects definitely tops the list. This is why it is very important to know the proper way to lift and carry objects without straining the muscles in your back. As you prepare to bend down to lift the object, make sure that your back remains straight up and down at all times. You should be using your thigh muscles and the other muscles in your legs to do most of the lifting. Squat down and hug the item as close to you as possible, to prevent your spine from straining further to support the object, and keep your back straight as you carry the object to wherever it needs to go. It is important to remember that you can and should stop to take a break at any point if you feel any sort of discomfort, and you should stop lifting right away if you experience a sudden jolt of pain anywhere in your back. 

As for other aspects of your life, make sure your posture is correct at all times, including when you are sitting down. A chiropractor can help to improve your posture with regular adjustments to the spinal column.

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