How To Bring The Spa Experience Into Your Home

massageSpas have countless comforting luxuries, and luckily, we can create many of them in our own home. When practicing self-care, we begin to value ourselves; along the way, we begin calming our anxieties and building confidence. So save some money by recreating the feeling of a spa in your own home. And this way you can pamper yourself more often.

1. Steam Your Washcloths In A Rice Cooker

Allow your rice cooker to steam your wet washcloths. This can provide a wonderful at-home facial. When the washcloth is warm, place it on your face during or after you have applied a face mask. This can increase moisture in your skin and drag out any impurities.

2. Massage Your Face Using A Particular Tactic

Massage your face using your knuckles instead of your fingertips. Lightly use knuckles in a loose grip to massage your jaw, chin, eye sockets, forehead and temple. You can do this while applying cleanser, on freshly cleaned and dried skin. Not only does this feel incredible, but it can improve blood flow and tone your muscles as well. I tried this technique on myself and couldn’t believe how relaxing it was!

3. Sip On Refreshing Fruity Water

When we go to the spa, there are often delicious refreshments. To mimic this in your home, pour yourself a glass of water with ice and plop some fresh fruit in. I love blueberries and orange slices, but any fruit (or veggies) will do. This tactic will also give you some vitamins and antioxidants for the day.

4. Hang A Eucalyptus Plant On Your Shower Head

The relaxing scent of eucalyptus is invigorating. We can hang one in our shower head for a wonderful burst of energy during our morning showers. When water hits the eucalyptus plant, an even fresher scent comes out for a great boost of energy. Now maybe you can skip your morning latte!

Save yourself the hundred bucks, and spend that money on other glamorous ways to pamper yourself! 


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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