How To Wipe Out Your Afternoon Slump Without Caffeine

What do you do when you’re tired at work but it’s later in the day and you don’t want to have caffeine? There are many tricks to keep us alert during our afternoon slump and they don’t involve chugging a soda or three espresso shots. Check out these great tips:


1. Stretch And/Or Walk Around

Light stretching can wake up our muscles and help to alert our mind and body. Luckily you can do this anywhere, even at your work station. Walking around also helps to get our blood pumping and wake us up. If you feel like your eyes are about to close, walk to the bathroom and splash some water on your face. Walk to the water cooler and have a quick laugh with your coworkers, or suck on a hard candy.

2. Have A Quick Snooze

If you have some time left in your break, take a quick nap in your car. Try not to doze over half an hour, or you risk waking up groggy. You’d be surprised at what a 20-30 minute nap can do to revitalize you. Remember to set your alarm clock before you drift off to make sure you get back to work on time.

3. Turn Up The Music

Listening to upbeat music can help to wake us up. So turn on some party music and rock out as you work. You can try some hip-hop, rock, fast country and so on. Leave the soft and slow music for the morning when you’re just waking up.

4. Take A YouTube Break

Sometimes we are exhausted because we have been working our minds non-stop. A way to remedy this can be to take a quick break and watch something funny or cute on YouTube. This can also help to improve your mood which can help with creativity and productivity.

5. Ask Your Coworkers If They Need Help

Getting involved in someone else’s work can help us to shift into a different mode where our brain can take a break from it’s usual work. We may come back feeling more refreshed and ready to work.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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