St. Anthony Hospital Gets New Wound Care Center

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According to Clarke Reader, writing for Our Colorado News, St. Anthony hospital opened its first Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center on Sept. 17th and celebrated with a ribbon cutting on Oct. 3rd. Dr. Craig Reynolds, the center’s medical director, explained that the success at St. Anthony North gave them the idea to open a wound center of their own. St. Anthony partnered with Healogics, which specializes in the field, a little over 6 months before the center was opened.

The center is there to treat patients that have poor blood circulation, diabetes, or long term immobilization as well as “chronic open wounds and diabetic pressure and circulation related to ulcers.” Traumatic injuries and non-healing surgical incisions are also treated. Being only one of four wound care centers in the state offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO), St. Anthony hospital is hoping to help patients “eradicate infections and fight loss of limb,” according to Becky Ashmore-Sanchez, program director at the center.

Patients undergoing treatment at the center will need approximately 40 to 60 sessions to realize the effects of this type of care. Jack Marquess, vice president of development with Healogics said that people don’t understand the high number of patients who need this type of treatment. Physicians at the center are experts in the fields of vascular medicine, infectious diseases, podiatry, and plastic surgery. According to Marquess, “There are estimates that there are 8 million people who need this treatment, but only 1 million of them are receiving any care.”

Marquess hopes that primary care doctors will realize this need. Healogics works extremely hard with primary care physicians to encourage them to offer this specific kind of treatment to their patients. If a patient has a wound that has not healed in two weeks or is not completely healed in six weeks, HBO can help the body’s “oxygen dependent, wound-healing mechanisms function more efficiently.”   

Ashmore-Sanchez understands that the amount of visits necessary to fully benefit patients is a huge time commitment, but she believes it is truly worth the visits. This state of the art technology, paired with the impeccable care and expertise given by physicians at St. Anthony hospital in Lakewood can set any patient on a fast track to recovery.


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