Ten Simple Ways to Develop Willpower

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Katie Morton, author of “10 Steps to a Blissful Life,”  and teacher at The Monarch Company, compiled the following 10 ways that people with extraordinary willpower look at their lives. Changing your perspective can help you accomplish anything, whether you’re trying to lose weight or just be more content.

1.  Know What You’re After

Begin to paint a clear portrait of what you want your life to look like and why. Morton says it helps if the answer to “why” ties in with a reason much larger than yourself. How do you know why or when or how to resist or accept something if you don’t know your end goal?

2. Believe in Yourself

Doubting yourself will guarantee that you won’t make much of an effort towards any goal. If you believe “I can’t,” then you won’t. Morton says that if you think you can succeed, you’ll find ways to succeed.

3. Solve Problems Instead of Giving Up

Change can be terrifying, so much so that when we run into an obstacle we’re likely to avoid it. However, people with willpower tackle problems head on. Practice makes perfect in becoming a more creative problem solver.

4. Take Responsibility

If you can take responsibility for your actions, habits, and life without placing the blame on other people or situations, then you can take the next step to finding ways you can succeed or change one mistake into an opportunity for growth.

5. Be Willing to Pay the Price

Morton couldn’t have articulated it more wisely, “When we fear the pain that change brings, we get stuck inside the tiny bubble of our ‘comfort zone.’” Embracing the discomfort involved with change can only lead to a greater outcome.

6. Embrace Your Emotions

Listening to your emotions, especially your negative responses, can help you navigate through life. Morton quotes Einstein saying, “Discontent is the first necessity of progress.” If you’re unhappy in a certain situation, now you know to spend energy finding a situation you can be happy in.

7. Be Open to Opportunity

Morton says we’re all affected by the negativity bias, an affliction of the psyche where we remember our negative experiences, yet pay no mind to the positive ones. Once conscious of this set back we can learn to pay more attention to what’s working and what we’re doing well.

8. Love Yourself Unconditionally

Most of us have been wrongly taught that whipping ourselves into shape has to take the form of some kind of punishment. Morton says that we often forget that healthy habits and positive actions can be just as enjoyable if we frame them in a positive light. In order to form healthy habits, you can’t injure yourself with unhealthy diets or runs that are too far to manage. Choose activities that you’ll actually enjoy.

9. Value Focus, Not Perfection

We’re human, we’re going to make mistakes, and however we decide to see those mistakes can determine how we approach any future situation. If we become obsessed with perfectionism, we often set up a pass/fail infrastructure for getting things accomplished, which can then turn into a fear to even start something new because we become so afraid of failing.

10. Don’t Judge Others for Having What You Want

It’s easier to criticize than it is to seek and acquire what we truly want out of life. Morton says if we spent less time judging and comparing, we’d have more energy left over to better our own lives. Instead of judging, use jealousy as inspiration and go after what you desire!  


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