Tips For Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Do you have family in a faraway place? Are you traveling by plane or train for the holidays? We all know the stress of trying to reach our gate on time or having to tow around multiple children or family members. If you want to travel stress-free this year, read the tips below and allow yourself to take a deep breath, you can do it!

Book Early

Setting your travel plans as far in advance as possible can get you cheaper deals and lift a weight off your shoulders. Try to choose non-stop flights and train rides that aren’t on the busiest dates. Bookings set for the early morning are less likely to be delayed, while flight dates set on holidays are the least busy.

Bring Entertainment

Entertainment can combat boredom and decrease stress. Whatever your viewing device may be, a tablet, e-reader, smartphone, or laptop, make sure it’s well stocked with movies, television shows, games, and books. If you’re traveling with children and you’re forced to wait because of a delay, you’ll be thankful you can keep the kids occupied with their favorite cartoon.

Allow Extra Time

Imagine yourself barreling through crowds to reach your terminal on time or leisurely strolling through the airport with plenty of time to spare. Leave the house an hour earlier to avoid the stress of rushing; you’re also much less likely to be taken off an overbooked flight.

Travel Light

With all the extra luggage fees and knowing that lugging around a heavy bag may throw you off later, consider shipping heavier items to your destination. Gifts and non-essentials can take a journey of their own that can be tracked without the worry of forgetting them in an overhead compartment. Allow two to three weeks for shipping and don’t wrap them in case security needs a peek at your generosity. 

Prepare for Delays

Preparing mentally to endure a delay or being rerouted can greatly minimize your stress levels if it actually happens or not. You can look up and save the numbers for different airlines, rental car companies, and friends or family in the area.  You can figure out a backup plan in advance, have enough food, and extra clothes so that a surprise doesn’t catch you unprepared.

Save travels everyone!


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