Using Biofeedback For Back Pain Relief

If you have been doing any amount of research on how to deal with and treat chronic back pain, you have more than likely come across the term “biofeedback” at least a few times. Still, the name of this technique can be a bit confusing, since it doesn’t exactly spell out how it works or what it does.

So, what exactly is biofeedback, and how can patients who are dealing with chronic back pain benefit from it at all? I managed to find a great article by Everyday Health that really provides a great explanation and helpful insight into the process of biofeedback, and how it can help patients cope with their chronic back pain. Here is what I learned from the article about biofeedback therapy for chronic back pain.

First, let’s get the exact definition of biofeedback out in the open. Biofeedback is essentially a training technique to help your mind better process the physical sensations of pain that you may be experiencing at any given time. Biofeedback training methods rely on identifying and controlling certain patterns between your mind and your body that can help you move past physical chronic pain. Biofeedback methods have been used for everything from reducing tension in the muscles of the body, to even controlling a person’s heart rate (yes, it has that much power and capability within the body). 

When you begin biofeedback treatment, you will more than likely be hooked up to electrodes and sensors that will connect you to a machine that monitors your brainwave activity. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it really is very helpful modern era technology. As you learn about new physical and mental ways to cope with your pain, these machines will monitor the changes that take place in the output of your brainwave signals as well. This will help you understand how exactly you can train your body to have a different response to physical pain than you have initially experienced. Over time, asyou retrain your body and your mind to work together, you may be able to actually change how you process physical pain in the mind. 

Biofeedback addresses a few aspects of your health, from your body’s core response to pain, to the way your mind interprets these signals, all the way through your emotional fears and worries as well as your social interactions that may be suffering as a result of dealing with chronic back pain. 

When used in conjunction with chiropractic care, biofeedback can play an important role in improving back pain.

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