Using Ultrasound During Chiropractic Treatments May Provide Additional Benefits

When you start to receive treatments from your local doctor of chiropractic, you will more than likely be introduced to various manual manipulation techniques that your chiropractor will use on you to relieve pain and soreness in many areas throughout your body. In addition to the various adjustment techniques doctors of chiropractic are taught to use depending on what condition they are working to treat, there are also a wide variety of different supplementary treatment methods available for a chiropractor to take advantage of as well.

If you have yet to start receiving treatments and adjustments from a chiropractor, you may want to know a little more about some of the possible supplementary treatment methods that he or she might suggest to help improve your condition and hasten your healing time and pain relief. As a very informative article on Chiro Eco points out, many doctors of chiropractic turn to ultrasound therapy as one of the safest and most reliable supplementary treatment options for their patients.

You may be wondering what exactly ultrasound therapy is, and how it can possibly assist a chiropractor in treating your aches and pains? Since ultrasounds are normally associated with expectant mothers, as opposed to chiropractic offices, this uncertainty is definitely valid. However, ultrasound can be used for therapeutic purposes, as it can work to minimize aches and pains in various muscles in the body, while also encouraging a wider range of mobility and movement.

In particular, doctors of chiropractic may choose to use therapeutic ultrasound to deliver deep heat by means of sound waves into the body. This heat will reach affected muscles and joints in a way that manual manipulation may have trouble doing. After just one course of treatment using therapeutic ultrasound therapy, many patients immediately begin to notice reduced stiffness, swelling, pain, and inflammation. What’s more is that patients also tend to enjoy improved mobility and movement, which may no longer be hindered by stiffness, soreness, or painful movement.

When used in conjunction with standard manual manipulation and adjustment methods, therapeutic ultrasound therapy can really work to successfully encourage movement that is free from pain and stiffness. Many patients also find therapeutic ultrasound to be deeply relaxing, in a very similar manner to receiving a deep tissue massage or a hot stone rub, so you can definitely look at it as similar to receiving a luxurious spa treatment for a majorly reduced price! 

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