Why You May Want To Start Exercising Outdoors

Now that Fall is upon us, we can see crisp leaves, feel the cooler weather and indulge in a whole new vibe. This can make exercising outdoors exciting again. And we should be thankful that the new scenery and refreshing atmosphere is upon us, since outdoor exercise has a host of health benefits that relate to us both mentally and physically. Check out these wonderful benefits that greenery can provide us and why we should make the most of it.


1. It Can Lift Your Mood

Get this- according to the Telegraph, a report from 2012 found that being outdoors made people 50 percent more joyful than being at the gym. Other studies have associated working out outside with a decrease in anger, confusion, tension and depression, when compared to indoor exercises. And the type of outdoor exercise doesn’t even have to be a long walk in the park. According to a 2010 study, even five minutes of working out in a green environment can elevate our self-esteem and mood. Nice!

2. It can Elevate Your Focus And Attention

So many things in our lives require our focus and attention; whether it’s parenting, working, shopping, coaching or what have you, we have a million and one things competing for our concentration. Well luckily, there are natural ways to go about getting better focus, and exercise is one way to do so. A study by the University of Illinois discovered that children with ADHD could concentrate better after walking outdoors for 20 minutes, as compared to walking through neighborhood or city streets. This means that the outdoors can truly have a psychological and physical effect on people, and we should use that to our advantage.

3. It Can Help You Form A Healthy Habit

Studies have found that exercising outdoors helps people develop the habit of continuously working out, as compared to people who try to form a habit at the gym. There’s something about being outside that reinforces this good behavior. If you weren’t already aware, American guidelines for physical activity recommend people get two and a half hours of “moderate-intensity cardio” each week, as well as two or more strength training sessions. So it’s imperative to our health that we get our bodies moving.

Always be safe when exercising outdoors. Exercise with at least one other person and know your route beforehand.


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