Can Chiropractic Care Help Newborns Breastfeed Better?

Ask any mom about breastfeeding, and she will tell you how difficult and trying it can be, especially when you are lacking in the sleep department. There are so many different problems that can be attributed to breastfeeding, such as difficulty to latch on and issues with sucking. While new moms may feel guilty that they are having such a hard time, the real person to blame may be their sweet little babe.

You see, breastfeeding is a two-person job, and a good portion of the time there are issues with the baby that make it harder for them to feed correctly. Often times, babies experience some type of birth trauma and can suffer from compression and other forms of subluxations.

The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health recently reported about an eight-week-old baby girl with such problems. The baby had difficulty sucking properly since birth. The mother then took her to the chiropractor, and they discovered the baby had a few subluxations and her head was tilted too much to the left. After three regular adjustments, the baby was able to latch on to the mother and feed without difficulty.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Newborns and Babies?

Chiropractic care is indeed safe for newborns and babies. When babies get adjusted, it is not in the same manner that adults are adjusted. Instead, an experienced chiropractor gently assesses any misalignments and with gentle pressure and light massage, he adjusts the baby. Majority of babies may not even know that the adjustment is going on.

Babies spend a lot of time in the womb curled up. During the birthing experience, a lot happens. It is very easy for babies to get subluxations from passing through the pelvic bone. Also, subluxations can occur when the baby is caught and handled by the doctors or nurses.

These misalignments are often times minor and are not dangerous for the baby. However, they can make breastfeeding uncomfortable for them, causing difficulty with breastfeeding. Sometimes it may even cause the baby to have issues with sleeping and digesting their food correctly also.

Many of these problems will go away with the first chiropractic treatment. Though, since the adjustment is so gentle, it can take three or more visits to truly fix the problem.

If you are a new mom and are experiencing trouble with breastfeeding, the problem may not be you. Even if you are experiencing low milk problems, the real issue could be that your baby is not sucking hard or long enough to stimulate your production. Talk with your baby’s doctor about the different ways to help your baby. Find an experienced chiropractor in your area that specializes in infants. When it comes to feeding your baby with ease, chiropractic care is worth a try.


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