Four Ways Senior Citizens Can Feel Younger

Senior Strutters March Show

No matter what age you are, you shouldn’t let the number of candles on your birthday cake determine how you feel. Many senior citizens are not able to enjoy their golden years because of chronic pain or immobility issues. As the saying goes, “You are only as young as you feel,” and you can feel younger with these four tips.

Customize Your Diet to Fit Your Needs

Now that you are older, you have to eat wiser. Your body and health are a little less forgiving than when you were younger. Take a look at your overall health and pinpoint what you would like to change. Would you like relief from your aching joints? Or perhaps you would love to wake up happier. Food is truly an amazing thing. It can either harm our health or make it better. Choose to use food as preventative medicine rather than just eating whatever you want. Eat anti-inflammatory foods to help fight joint pain, and eat healthy fats to wake up with more energy and feeling happier.

Check in With the Chiropractor

A chiropractor can be highly beneficial to an older individual. This is because regular chiropractic care helps relieve pain and restore mobility. Not only does a chiropractor help you feel better, but they can help prevent bad falls and injuries. Look into wellness adjustments that will make you feel better all over.

Get Social and Involved

Don’t get stuck inside all day. It is very important to have a social life and to be involved in something. You still have a lot of life left to live, so enjoy it! Look for ways to make new friends, learn new hobbies, or just give back to the community. When your mental health is at its best, your physical health will follow. In fact, those who had a more positive outlook on life were able to handle chronic pain better.

Use Your Brain

Don’t let the young ones make you feel less smart because of your age. You are still very capable and very intelligent. However, you do have to use your brain daily to keep it fresh. Try games and activities that will boost your brain and memory. Activities such as Sudoku, reading, and other brain games will help immensely.

Don’t think that you have already lived your best years. If you take care of your health and engage in activities that keep you young, then your golden years can be your best years.


Story Credit, Image Credit: Senior Strutters by Judy Baxter.  Used under a creative commons license.

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