Good Marriage Equals Good Health

WeddingWhen you said, “till death do us part” with your spouse, you also signed up for better health benefits. Many of us are not aware of all the great benefits that come with marriage, besides spending your life with a loved one.  While you don’t have to be married to be healthy, here are a few reasons why those who are happily married are often times very healthy people.

Here are a few of the reasons how marriage or a long term relationship with a loved one can help to improve your health and wellness:

  1. More Cautious: Studies have found that happy couples come with fewer risks, especially when it comes to substance abuse. Those who are happily married are also more careful when they drive.
  2. Socially Connected: Those with strong marriages usually will say that they are married to their best friend. It’s true. Your relationship with your spouse should be the closest, most intimate relationship you have. This can lead to better mental health and self-worth, which will also have a direct effect on how one eats and exercises.
  3. Less Pain: A study published in The Journal of Pain found that those in a good marriage experienced less arthritis pain and less physical and psychological disability compared to those who were in bad marriages or alone. While the study was done with patients who have arthritis, we can conclude that a good marriage helps individuals deal with their chronic pain better.
  4. More Action: We won’t go into detail about all the benefits that expressing your love physically has to offer, but know that it is good for your overall health. Married couples were found to have more sex on average than those who were alone.

There you have it; a good marriage is good for your health. However, what if you don’t have a good marriage or are alone, is your health doomed? Most certainly not! You can still achieve better health by improving your overall wellness. It is important to note, though, that a marriage on the rocks will be detrimental to your health since it causes a lot of stress and negativity. It would be better to seek out counseling for your marriage, for the sake of keeping yourself healthy.


Story Credit, Image Credit: Wedding by Lauri Vain. Used under Creative Commons license.

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