Natural Remedies You Can Find at Home

When it comes to common pains and ailments, many of us don’t have the funds to keep running to the doctor’s office for treatment. What many of us don’t realize is that there are helpful remedies you can make yourself at home.  Here are a few of the ailments you can treat at home using products that you can purchase for less than five dollars.


Inflammation. Inflammation of the joints is painful and can be burdensome to your day. An old-fashioned remedy combines pressure and baking soda to draw out the extra fluid in your joints. To make the paste, mix together two cups of baking soda with enough water so that it is a paste-like consistency. Then just apply the paste to the areas that hurt, wrap in a piece of fabric or bandage, and leave it on for an hour. You should feel relief within a few days if you do this daily.

Sore Throat. Ever wake up with your throat sore and hoarse? It can make any day a nuisance. To get rid of throat pain quickly, make a syrup with one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon honey, and two tablespoons of water. You can take the syrup straight or mix it into more water or tea. Honey soothes the throat and has healing properties.

Back Pain. Banish back pain (and make yourself smell minty fresh) by massaging peppermint oil into your back. You can also freeze peppermint oil with water to make the relief even better. You can massage peppermint oil on any place of pain on your back, neck, or other muscles. If the peppermint oil is too strong, you can mix it with equal parts olive oil.

Toothache. When you have a toothache, it is best to see the dentist right away. However, to hold you over, try finding pain relief from a clove. Put a whole one in your mouth, moisten it, and bite down on it once or twice. The clove will give pain relief and help eliminate bacteria.

Next time you need a quick remedy, remember that you don’t always have to turn to the expensive over-the-counter medicines. Instead, try one of these natural remedies that cost under $5.  Always consult your Chiropractor or Physician if you are experiencing any of these persistent symptoms.  Have them advise you on the best plan of care. 

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