Prevent Your Laptop From Becoming a Real Pain

Computer ProblemsThe majority of American households have laptops. In fact, laptop sales have increased quite rapidly in the past decade. The number of repetitive strain injuries have increased too, and it is not a coincidence. Laptop users are prone to these injuries because of poor ergonomics and posture that is caused by using a laptop too frequently. Thankfully, there are some tips to prevent this from happening to you.

Whether you use a laptop for school or work, a laptop was not meant to replace a desktop computer. However, many have made the shift and spend more than eight hours a day working, researching, and surfing on their laptops. The first way to prevent laptop related strain injuries and tendonitis is to cut back the use. It is hard to decrease computer time when we are a computer-run world. However, figure out how much work you can do without a computer. Perhaps you can jot notes on a notepad, tell a co-worker something in person rather than shooting an email, or utilize a voice to text program. Also, monitor any extra time you spend on the computer. Do you really need to spend an extra hour or two reading blogs, watching funny videos, or catching up on your social media pages?

Another way to avoid injury, is to invest in a separate keyboard and mouse for your laptop. This may seem silly since your laptop has both built in, but having the keyboard, mouse, and computer separate will allow you to have more room. This will allow your hands to type and move the mouse with more comfort and avoid the muscles from being cramped.

Posture is another thing to look at when you are on your laptop. If you are hunched over your laptop, you can cause serious damage to your spine and neck. Instead, invest in a laptop stand that will prop your computer up to eye level. Be sure to sit properly in an ergonomic chair too.

Finally, take precaution when carrying your laptop around. There are so many convenient laptop bags and shoulder bags, but they can cause strain and misalignment to the spine. If you must carry your laptop to and fro, carry it in a backpack that you can wear on both shoulders so that the weight is distributed evenly.

Laptops are here to stay in this technology age, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from injuries because of it. Remember to take frequent breaks from work and to hit the off button on the weekends.


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